Monday, December 13, 2004

Five reasons I don't consider Nelly & Tim McGraw's "Over & Over" one of the best singles of the year.

1. "Burn," "Dry Your Eyes," "My Immortal" and "Everytime" sapped my tear ducts already. This can still make me wince, though. Nothing turns me into a baby like music.

2. I hate how Tim McGraw sounds like he's singing from the bottom of a well.

3. The song doesn't really go anywhere. It meanders. "Burn" goes everywhere, occasionally doing backflips.

4. Tim hides behind his shades for most of it. The first shot of him is killer (looks like a mack truck just sideswiped his heart), but I suppose the dude has too much Faith to really make it seem like he's letting it burn (let it burn, let it burn, YOU GO LEARN, gotta let it burn).

5. I don't like the commercial endorsement element, but I'm basically cool with the excess of cell phones in videos. The eighties are back and if you're going to make a sad video you need someone staring longingly at a phone. The problem is that the new technology hinders drama. Pay phones allow you the classic "hang up when they say hello" image. The "I'm burning so bad that I can't even hang it up properly so I'm just going to drop it and let it dangle" shot is even more valuable. Eventually we'll get videos where phones are destroyed, but cells are too puny to inspire a moment comparable to John Waite shattering the receiver in "Missing You." My complaint may be outdated since I don't actually own a mobile phone. It's possible that enough people know the pain of cellie drama to make this stuff resonate, but I'm a classicist on this issue. Big phones for big emotions.

The first artist to shatter a mirror with a cell phone in slo-mo gets a big sloppy kiss.

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