Tuesday, December 14, 2004

As a huge Jon Wurster fan who plans to move to Philly in less than a year, I was incredibly grateful to find Philly Boy Roy Zeigler's "Twas The Night Before Christmas" on Fluxblog today. This album and this DVD are two of the funniest things I got this year. I can't believe how cool Wurster is. He even played on the best Rocket From The Crypt album! I'd like to be him but I can't work a bass drum pedal for shit.

I'd also like to give a shout out to Dom Passantino and William B. Swyggart. Despite being British and white and male and younger than me, I love reading their work. Quite possibly the funniest music critics working today. Dom just resurrected his blog and I couldn't be happier. William doesn't have a blog, but he has a radio show where he stammers and says "bugger" a lot. If he moved to State College and pulled that Hugh Grant action at our station, women would be licking the window. I actually got to meet him last Christmas! Great guy. If I ever go to England again I'm going to make sure I hang out with these two. I'm also going to make sure I bring several CDs because British radio is ass. Only good song I heard that wasn't a hit in America was "Common People." They can keep that Eurovisionfluxpop malarkey. USA!

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