Wednesday, November 30, 2005

With a solid decade of retrospect, I now realize that Urge Overkill may be my favorite band of the early 90s*. Did anybody match Supersonic Storybook, Saturation and Exit The Dragon from 1991-1995? When you admit pop-metal was better than grunge those CDs are sitting in the used section of your local store, waiting to rock you sweetly. Here's some good news and some, well, news.

Blackie's ballads were inarguable highlights on their major label albums and I'm sorry he's not part of the reunion. Here's "Dropout" and "The Mistake." I'd share something from The Supersonic Storybook, but my copy is a cassette!

*On further consideration, Pavement is a valid alternate choice and the early 90s really sucked rockwise. Geeta was right (and now I'm right too).

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