Monday, September 22, 2008

Now we're just dancing for the boys in the Coast Guard. Nobody knows that we were witches in love!

I met you on a Monday, it was Friday night
You were doing all right, cuz it was Saturday night
And we were night bitches, white witches
We lived under the city, we were doing all right

I like all five of the new tracks on Electric Six's MySpace page to varying degrees (Flashy, out October 21st!), but the track I loved immediately - the one I have to play on repeat for a half-hour if I play it once, is "We Were Witchy White Women." Crunkier Roxy Music than even "Mr. Woman," the band races unflaggingly through a single chord progression as Dick Valentine tells a first person narrative about two lesbian witches just trying to get by. The closing guitar solo isn't quite Peter Laughner on "Final Solution," but when I wear headphones I only hear the left channel, full of Allen Ravenstine synth swoosh. Sometimes it pays to have monaural hearing!

Go to the store now, get us something good to eat, baby
Microwave the sashimi
Cuz it takes blood sugar and lots of energy
To shuffle your feet and go dancing with me

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