Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry As Distortions

Why did the NYT pick such an awkward way to report that people are disgusted by McCain's misleading ads? Is McCain barbing the stirring outcry, or are his barbs stirring the outcry?

I guess they can't say his distorting ("misleading" implying too much willfulness on his part) barbs ("smears" doing likewise) are "stirring outcry" - it wouldn't be "objective" to confirm what his campaign is doing. Instead, they announce that others are calling him on his lies, and phrase it so poorly that no one can accuse them of writing the kind of damning headline McCain is asking for.

The only thing at this point that could make me really worry about the outcome of this election is if McCain started attacking Obama on something that wasn't categorically nonsense. Running on loudly debunked lies and lies alone in September does not bode well for a campaign.

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