Monday, September 29, 2008

Fellini sucks.

Woody Allen, in New York:

I have shown some very good films—Bergman, Fellini—to kids from good schools like Yale. Bright kids. And they were not impressed. You know, it wasn’t as though I picked out some kid from the Midwest who’s a churchgoing barbarian. Those same kids that you see in the movie house doubled over with laughter over fraternity toilet jokes are very often kids from Columbia and Yale. We might also still be feeling the fallout from the sexual revolution, when everybody just ran amok talking dirty and doing things that were forbidden and it became the mark of drama and comedy to be simply outrageous. Not necessarily dramatically interesting or particularly comic, but just outrageous.

STFU, Woody Allen. Sorry we don't all wish we were European. Sorry we aren't blown away by the pretentious fantasies of an Italian Spielberg. Sorry our comedies are "just outrageous."

I'll probably see Vicky Christina Barcelona on DVD (it will be the first of his films I've seen since Deconstructing Harry), but it sounds like a European "love vs. sex" name-dropping thesis film directed by Woody Allen. You know what's really disturbing, Wood-man? That the culturally aspirant of America today have to vicariously admire your vicarious admiration of gentile European cinema. "Oh, to have been a stand-up comic in NYC when Juliet Of The Spirits came out!"

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