Thursday, May 22, 2008

A standard, blue-tinted serial killer movie made more entertaining by being the best argument against net neutrality yet (if no one can control access, homicidal web freaks could make hit count hungry snuff films and put them up on Russian servers! Or something!). The third act doesn't really make sense (can you really hack someone's car computer and make it stop?), but by that point we've seen Colin Hanks sitting in a tub full of battery acid, blinking in morse code, so no complaints.

I'd suggest that Will Ferrell seek bigger game and stop making poorly scripted sports comedies with first time directors, but Stranger Than Fiction might be his worst movie. Most of the actors are likable, but only Andrew Daly and Will Arnett's sportscasters have anything near quality material, and it's pretty hard to for a comedian to fuck up a "color commentator" role.

I'm Not There
Last year, I only got about ten minutes into No Direction Home, as I'd just read a biography covering the same time period, and didn't really want to watch "Judas" footage with the vocals mixed louder than all hell. After this poor, pretentious man's Rutles, I'm really tempted to revisit the doc. My Morning Jacket's never getting another chance, though.

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