Thursday, May 08, 2008

Currently probably my favorite indie rock song of 2008. Pretty and unhurried, yet muscular and moving, it's a polished Electr-O-Pura outtake, sung by someone who wants you know to what he's saying. The Postal Service warmed me to Ben Gibbard (I used to call him Ben Gelding), though I can't remember what made me warm to the Postal Service. More bands should make the Big Striking Song on their album the heavily promoted single. Especially in indie rock, where there's no reason to play radio-friendly. With youtube and satellites and such, you might get enough of the curious impressed with your ability to be Big and Striking that radio, if they ever care, won't demand you edit your Bohemian Rhapsody. Then you get to be Queen! Or at least Radiohead. And you know your A&R man wishes you were Radiohead.

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