Saturday, May 03, 2008

So go on, shawty, and tell him you found a new man.

Songs new to the Billboard Top 50 singles chart, and the top debut.

#9 (debut): Chris Brown, "Forever"
"It's you and me, moving at the speed of light into eternity!" r&b's disco/house worm begins to turn. "Feels like we're on another level!" If you're not paying close attention (a good idea in and of itself), it sounds like Stevie Wonder's playing harmonica on it. "What a beautiful lady, no ifs, ands or maybes!" What's scary is that Chris Brown may not be our Leo Sayer.

#14 (debut): Jesse McCartney, "Leavin'"
"Gosh, I would love to hear a smug millionaire spit pimp cliches at me over a beat Ace Of Base might reject. I just don't want him to What's that? The 21-year-old soap star who provided the voice for Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks wants to take me out and let it rain? Sold!"

#45 (from #55): Metro Station, "Shake It"
With bands like Panic At The Disco going for baroque well before mastering simple, I'm glad to hear an act that sounds influenced by the first All-American Rejects album: hooky punk-pop with a programmed beat, the "emo" reduced to a yelp in the throat not unlike new wave's. I'm only a little embarassed that it came from the older siblings of two Hannah Montana stars.

#47 (from #56): Gavin DeGraw, "In Love With A Girl"
Maroon Two and a Half Stars.

#50 (from #63): Phil Vassar, "Love Is A Beautiful Thing"
I'm surprised to hear the mother of the bride is dead. Sure, it's nice they included one unique detail in this celebration of the swellness of weddings, but it would seem to risk some cover band royalties. Kenny Rogers will probably add it to his repertoire anyway.

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