Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Movies watched at home last week, from favorite to least.

Incest belatedly breaks out in a family that seems like it should already have been that, no pun intended, fucked. Revolted "ewww"s gradually morphed into a more sympathetic "wow, why hasn't this kid killed himself yet," but I can't say I found it frequently funny, shocking or "shockingly funny." Points off for the cop-out ending. Hitchhiking? Are we Bob Rafelson now? I rewatched Flirting With Disaster, David O. Russell's follow-up, immediately after and while it's infinitely more of a sitcom than his debut, the alternative would have involved becoming Todd Solondz. Or Bob Rafelson.

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Raised By Bees said...

Sigh, Jeremy Davies is the only actor that I'd watch as a motherfucker. My love of skinny disturbed dudes knows no bounds.