Friday, January 18, 2008

Ten things Christopher Nolan could put in The Dark Knight that would make me stop wishing someone else was directing it.

1. Robert Wuhl cameo
2. And end to Christian Bale's raspy "Batman" voice. No previous Bat-lead felt the need to make a distinct, monster-like voice for the character, because no one else was thinking like a five year old.
3. Joker dancing to a minor Prince single.
4. Harvey Dent's courtroom acid splash, filmed in DePalma-esque slo-mo.
5. Twice as much screen time for Cillian Murphy than he got in the last one.
6. Batman realizing his commando vehicle looks like a clump of charcoal, and deciding it could do with a little more style.
7. No one saying anything like "you've never tasted desperate," "justice is balance," or "my anger outweighs my guilt."
8. Robert Wuhl cameo
9. Eric Roberts' "Salvatore Maroni" and Anthony Michael Hall's "Mike Engel" getting a combined screen time of one minute.
10. The Joker asking Batman if he's feeling "itchy."

Not that I won't be seeing it either way.

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