Friday, January 04, 2008

Daniely Day-Lewis will next appear in 2010's The Diabolical Mr. McGillicutty, tying a woman to the railroad tracks.

Five titles that would have more accurately captured the atmosphere of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, the latest critical favorite to starkly depict The Evil That Men Do.

1. Oil!

2. Bill The Butcher Goes West

3. Beverly Hillbillies: Year One

4. A Moustache For All Seasons

5. Citizen Kane Too: Don't Mess With Texas


blackmail is my life said...

I'm reading Oil! right now, and I'm really excited about seeing this despite the hype. Then again, I'm one of those guys who goes in for films about The Evil that Men Do, so take that with a grain of salt.

The Manthony said...

I bet you'll dig it! It IS entertaining, and you're cooler with that late Kubrick vibe than me.