Wednesday, January 02, 2008

By my accounting, I saw 60 "2007" movies in 2007 (I excluded anything I couldn't finish, so in some sense Hannibal Rising might be considered better than Who's Your Caddy? if you're into considering things like that). Here they are, in order of preference.

1. The Ten
2. The Host
3. Knocked Up
4. Planet Terror
5. Superbad
6. Spider-Man 3
7. Notes On A Scandal
8. Breach
9. Balls Of Fury
10. Venus
11. Reno 911: Miami!
12. Shoot ‘Em Up
13. Away From Her
14. Black Book
15. Hostel: Part II
16. Bourne Ultimatum
17. Children Of Men
18. Lookout
19. Live Free Or Die Hard
20. Namesake
21. Enchanted
22. Shooter
23. Hot Fuzz
24. 3:10 To Yuma
25. Hawk Is Dying
26. Gone Baby Gone
27. Transformers
28. Hot Rod
29. Ocean’s Thirteen
30. Eastern Promises
31. Redacted
32. I Think I Love My Wife
33. Zodiac
34. No Country For Old Men
35. Talk To Me
36. Alone With Her
37. Southland Tales
38. Blades Of Glory
39. Alpha Dog
40. Severance
41. I Know Who Killed Me
42. Letters From Iwo Jima
43. Pan’s Labyrinth
44. Black Snake Moan
45. 28 Weeks Later
46. Perfect Stranger
47. Halloween
48. Mr. Brooks
49. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie
50. Death Proof
51. Rescue Dawn
52. Ghost Rider
53. 1408
54. Smokin Aces
55. Number 23
56. TV Set
57. Vacancy
58. Dead Silence
59. Hannibal Rising
60. Fracture

New year's resolution: watch fewer crappy horror movies. In two months I'll be moving in with my girlfriend - not a noted gorehound - and no longer working at a video store, so this should be pretty easy.

Movies On Metacritic's Best Reviewed Movies of 2007 I haven't seen, and why.

1. Ratatouille (Disney, movie where critic learns an important lesson)
2. There Will Be Blood (Played for ONE WEEK in TWO THEATRES in 2007 so fuck you to anyone who calls it a 2007 movie, you are an Oscar season shill and part of the problem)
3. Killer Of Sheep (The fifteen minutes of Army Of Shadows I saw was boring)
4. Diving Bell And The Butterfly (Because I don't know anything about it)
5. Persepolis (animated, released in America on Christmas)
6. No End In Sight (current event doc burnout, George Clooney box quote)
7. Once (didn't get around to it over preview weekend, stars one of the Commitments and nobody acknowledges that)
8. This Is England (mistook it for a doc on skinheads and/or Joe Strummer during preview weekend)
9. The Savages (Indie family comedy is risky enough that I tend to wait for DVD, see Margot At The Wedding)
10. Offside (Box cover is very Bend It Like Beckham, no idea if the film is or not)
11. Atonement (no.)
12. In The Shadow Of The Moon (I have no idea what this is)
13. King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters ("Gordon's feature directorial debut mostly stops being about video-game obsession and turns into a film about what it takes to make it in America.")
14. Triad Election (Nobody told me it was a critically acclaimed!)

"Preview weekend" refers to the weekend before a movie is released on DVD, during which staff at my store are allowed to watch it for free, as we won't have the opportunity again until it comes off the New Release wall. You'd think I'd be sorry to lose this boon, but last week I watched most of Living & Dying, a hostage thriller starring Edward Furlong and Bai Ling. I obviously cannot be trusted with this kind of privilege.


Leila said...

My business cards should probably read "Not a noted gorehound." Do you really not want to see The Savages?

The Manthony said...

I would if you're paying.

blackmail is my life said...

This is England and Killer of Sheep were pretty awesome, but I have a soft spot for sheepkillers as I grew up one, just not black in L.A. in the Seventies.

The Manthony said...

I'll probably see them eventually, though they'll probably both be on the New Release wall for the rest of my time at the store.

Keith said...

Hey, are you moving up here?