Thursday, August 30, 2007


T-Pain feat. Akon, "Bartender"

First, he was in love with a stripper, then he was buying you a drank, and now he likes the bartender. On the bright side, this means that T-Panda is realizing he wants a sympathetic ear more than intense fucking. It also means that he's probably a lonely alcoholic looking for an excuse to stay til last call. Akon's verse underlines this by announcing his sobriety before asking T-Pain for the car keys so he can leave the club and bang someone. T-Panda can describe the car Akon's leaving lovestains in and say "T-Pain + 3" all he wants (like Akon and his wives aren't already on the list), but the pathetic subtext helps makes this his cutest auto-tune yet.

Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
We drunk 'em, Got drunk
And now I know she thinks I'm cool

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