Wednesday, August 15, 2007

None of the sexy adventures in the sexy video for Maroon 5's "Wake Up Call" match the sexiness of sexy Adam Levine getting a sexy patdown from sexy security guards in a sexy airport (while his sexy shoes go through the sexy metal detector!), but the presence of sexy Jeremy Sisto as The Other Man in sexy Adam Levine's sexy sex life is pretty sexy and Adam's shattering of a sexy mirror with a sexy bat while shirtless (so sexy!) is very sexy. The words "Maroon 5" flying towards the screen as a car explodes is more hot than sexy, and the attempt to include the other Marooned 4 is too little sexy too late, but Adam's sexy interrogation by the sexy cops is more than sexy enough to compensate. I don't like the electrocution, though. The idea of all that sexy coming to an unsexy end is heartbreaking. Adam Levine should be hung.


Alfred Soto said...

"Sexy" doesn't begin to describe Adam. Song sucks though.

Anthony Miccio said...

nothing I've heard from the album lives up to "Makes Me Wonder" song-wise. If Greg Dulli wasn't already throwing darts at a picture of sexy Adam Levine, he must have been after that one.

Alfred Soto said...


Greg Dulli wishes he could LIKE furry fruit.