Thursday, August 09, 2007

From Glen Boyd's review of Marooned*:
"As is, many of the choices here are, at least on the surface, somewhat curious ones. This is a book where both Dionne Warwick and Ronnie James Dio are warranted the critical consideration of John Darnielle and Anthony Miccio respectively. Manassas, the long since forgotten band fronted at one time by Stephen Stills is the unlikely recipient of critical props here by Kandia Crazy Horse, the editor of Charlotte's Creative Loafing."

I doubt this was intended, but it reads as if one should not only already know who I am, but be surprised by the fact that Dio warrants MY critical consideration. I've decided to find this flattering. If you buy a copy and send it to me, I promise to sign it, sprinkle sparkle dust all over it, and send it back to you free of charge.

*You already know this if you've been watching E! lately, but Marooned is a collection of desert island disc essays, including one written by yours truly. It's currently at #7 on Amazon's Discographies & Buyer Guides chart, behind The Billy Joel Keyboard Book.

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