Thursday, August 23, 2007

I came across this godawful video on MTV2 this morning, and couldn't figure out why the hell it was getting played. Mediocre post-Coldplay is one thing, but twats leading mediocre post-Coldplay acts don't usually look like the dude from Stereo MCs or Justin Timberlake trying out for the Scissor Sisters. Why would they foist this assmunch on us when he's not a snap assmunch or an emo assmunch or any other currently fashionable form of assmunch? I assumed they were named Young Modern Station, the only words present in the clip, but I guess that's where they're performing (the album is also named Young Modern, it seems). When the closing credits came, the REAL identity of this band was a total shock. Can you guess who it is? Here are some clues.

1. They've been around for over a decade.
2. They've always sucked.
3. They were really young when they started sucking.
4. If you've read anything about them over the last seven years, you've heard that they're ambitious and always evolving.
5. They've been consistently popular in the country that wrought them.

Figured out who it is? Doubleclick the youtube to find out! Take your shoes off beforehand, lest your socks get blown right through them!


Wook said...

Your use of the word "wrought"...a dead giveaway.

Candice said...

Is that Silverchair? I thought they broke up and dude got a new band.

My guess was Incubus.