Tuesday, April 17, 2007

People praising B Tarantino over A+ Rodriguez REALLY PISS ME OFF!!!

Death Proof didn't even have the best road violence!

Eric Rohmer is trash, so maybe Tarantino's homage to his languid pace was intentional. But Planet Terror still had better dialogue!

So wtf? Shots of spinning records are better than shots of spinning guns or something? The Village Voice rightly points out that "the tradition [Tarantino is] elaborating on is the Tarantino Movie," only who the hell thought after Kill Bill that the Tarantino movie required further "elaboration"?!!? I'm not saying Death Proof was without its merits, but preferring it to Planet Terror means you walked into the wrong theatre. I'll take Tarantino screaming with a stake in one eye and a syringe in the other over Tarantino touching himself behind the camera while a group of women discuss the glory of Vanishing Point (actually, watching Mary Elizabeth Winstead eat bacon in a cheerleader outfit was some sort of fantasy fulfillment for me too).

Anyhow, Planet Terror rules and I can't wait till Harvey Weinstein does a King Solomon on Grindhouse so I can go see it a couple more times.

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