Friday, April 06, 2007

Fred Durst's latest Myspace blog (3/16/07), saved for posterity in case he deletes this one like all the rest. :(


i really want to do a limp bizkit tour. not just any tour. one that is monumental. a landmark event. i would love to do a tour with the ORIGINAL limp bizkit. john, sam, wes, me, and lethal. that's what i truly want. i miss touring SO FUCKING BAD. the feeling we have on stage as limp bizkit is like no other feeling i have ever had and no other feeling has been so rewarding. wouldn't that be fantastic? wouldn't it be a blessing? imagine that me and wes could work things out together and be a band again, friends again. fucking imagine that!! we had so many wonderful times. so many magically unforgettable moments. i am proud to say that i have learned so much from my mistakes and it has taken a long time to evolve to this place where i finally let myself be healed. without limp bizkit i would have never gotten here. without wes i wouldn't know what it is like to work with the best. without john i wouldn't know how to protect my family. without sam i wouldn't have ever learned to trust anyone. without lethal i would have never been house of pain and without house of pain i would be missing too much of my inspiration. the list goes on and on and on. i just want to say that limp bizkit is my life whether i am holding onto the past or pushing for the future. imagine how impossible i am to deal with. that alone fueled many of the fires. when i look back i can only study and learn. so here we are NOW. i want limp bizkit. always. that is what i want. i want it so bad. wouldn't that just be the absolute best? it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock and roll is not rock and roll without the pain we experience along the way. today is another day. today can be the day. what if we could just let the drama go and rock the fuck out because we can and because that is what we do? i listent to all the limp albums all of the time and i get so mental and emotional. it tears my heart in half the same time it makes my adrenaline boil. i live it. we all live it. all of us. i want limp bizkit.

as for your madness on here....lighten the fuck up. or don't. either way you will always be heard and understood. we connect with all of you. you connect with all of us. we know you're pain. you must know ours. there is no right and there is no wrong, but there is limp bizkit. so don't you worry your precious little minds when there is silence. remember there is always a calm before any storm. put your energy into wanting the bizkit as bad as we do and something is bound to provide for us all.
have some faith. now turn it the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Earlier today I realized that no potential celebrity death would make me sadder than Fred Durst's. The idea that he'd never blog or rap or direct a music video again is like a raincloud over my soul.


Kid Gorgeous said...

I'm in love with how crazy and incoherent he is. He's always going to appeal to the 18 year old frustrated white kid in me, because I think he's always going to be an 18 year old frustrated white kid.

Raymond Cummings said...

totally priceless; may the durst never die!