Monday, April 10, 2006

My inner jury is still out on Meds, but I think it's cool that Christgau has come around on Placebo, if in his usual condescending, reticent way (which entertains or offends depending on my perspective on glib white male privilege that moment - being one, my mood can vary). Once More With Feeling is one of my favorite hits comps of the last few years, pulling the emotional/musical peaks off of four albums with very obvious emotional/musical peaks (my fave is Without You I'm Nothing). Assuming you're down with their nervous formula, the consistency of craft and lack of an obvious prime period keep the comp from sinking like most recent retrospectives do. The rarities are great too, though I didn't bother to fuck with the remix CD. Anybody who likes their fragile frenetic needs to give them a listen.

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