Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"It's like 'Jurassic Park,' but I'm your sexasaurus," he sang. "You and me, hopping like two kangaroos. ... You got me locked in your cage of ecstasy, and I don't want to be free. ... I'm your Tarzan, and you're my Jane."

I was going to share a link to the new "Spaceinvaderinterlude" on the Limp Bizkit myspace page but FRED TOOK IT DOWN!!! Why??? I was glad to see Fred returning to his Chocolate Starfish whine-rap style. On the last few releases he's gotten more self-conscious and didn't sound like DMX after inhaling a 6th birthday party's worth of helium, a chicken on steroids. In this brief celebration of "myspace, it's your space" he went back to his old steez. But now it's gone... Maybe Tom disapproved.

This almost makes up for it. "Some of that footage of me is just down right bugged out," sez Fred. All footage of you is just down right bugged out, dude.

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