Friday, April 21, 2006

Caught the Raconteurs' video on VH1 late last night, and holy shit if you needed proof beyond his "let's do something real" interviews that Jack White pines for the 90s, there you go. Blurry stop-motion shots of the band performing in an attic, grainy farm imagery, fuzzed-out chorus, no bottom, dork-faced musicians with Jordan Catalano hair, it's so cheap and generic that the words "Beavis And Butthead" should be in the lower right corner. Is this the Young Fresh Fellows? Dandelion? Was Don Fleming involved? Was Jim Jarmusch intentionally going for a retro look? I'd like to write this off as another Jack White affectation with no bearing on culture whatsoever, but I can't shake the fear that all those inexplicable visual cliches from the era, all that drab Dino Jr-Nirvana aftermath, will be coming back in the next five years. To paraphrase John Wojtowicz in Why Music Sucks via Stairway To Hell, what do you think the the music of the early '10s will be like when everyone is trying to sound like that ALL OVER AGAIN?

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