Thursday, May 05, 2005

Watched Dig! last night. Vain, pretentious professionals and dysfunctional messianic mental cases shrieking jealously at each other between drug binges isn't necessarily the best thing to witness when thinking about Why People Bother (especially when you think about all the jealous people watching them, ugh), but it was still pretty entertaining. Funny thing about music documentaries is how you get somebody but spouting effusive praise followed by sounds that fail to remotely redeem the hype (think Gerard Cosloy in Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King). If there's any Brian Jonestown diehards out there, I'd appreciate a clue as to what I should hear from this "Velvet Underground of The Nineties." Sounded like bad-trip Elephant 6 to me. I actually got into the Warhols after seeing the video for "TV Theme Song" on 120 Minutes back in '95. Though Courtney Taylor barely redeems his defensive insufferability through half-decent hooks and a modicum of wit (I'm so glad they included David LaChapelle's verbal smackdown - "thousands, he said he's done thousands of videos"), I'm kind of glad they've actually lasted for ten years. I almost want to pat myself on the back for digging them early on, but then I remember Scarce and Sammy.

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