Friday, May 20, 2005

Four great used CDs I bought in Massachusetts this week:

R. Kelly - Chocolate Factory
Passionate nutters. I've held off buying this until I could find a copy with the bonus Loveland EP. Now I've finally heard "Heaven, I Need A Hug" and its all I could have asked it to be. Diverse as R. but nowhere as bulky, this is easily his most listenable full-length to date. TP3: Reloaded comes out July 5th! Light a candle for this one!

Local H - Hamfisted
This debut is pretty undiscussed even among those who value the band, and while Pack Up The Cats flows the best and As Good As Dead has the hits, Hamfisted is equally enjoyable. Scott Lucas had his sardonic attitude and sound down from the get-go. Tighter, funnier and more coherent than the bands they ape, their lack of renown reveals how uncynical nineties rock enthusiasts actually are.

Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
The singles are the best numbers, but the mellow tracks move and the fonky is offset by studiocraft unavailable to whoever's playing at Cafe 210 West tomorrow. Those who dug the Afghan Whigs should find the Doobie Brothers of Crunk (they're supposedly on the next Ying Yang Twins album!) hard to resist, unless your problem is that Maroon 5 isn't melodramatic, turgid or unpopular enough. Anybody who hates on "She Will Be Loved" has my sympathy, for it will outlive you.

Randy Newman - Bad Love
"For as long as we can joke, life is not hopeless, we can enjoy it." - Pauline Kael

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