Friday, May 06, 2005

1. The Force M.D.s and the Information Society need to be removed from history so they can't stink up this Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats box set. So bad.

2. Please tell me that TKA named their track "Louder Than Love" after the Soundgarden album.

3. I can't believe I hated "Feel Me Flow" back in the day. Song was instantly enjoyable when it came on by surprise (5 CD box fits lovely in the changer for random play) and I have strong memories of groaning and changing the channel when the video was inescapable. Hearing pop songs from my most indie of years ('94-'00 bouts) is so disturbing now. Tons of quality tracks I totally didn't grasp, many superior to the overdrivel I purchased. Part of it I can blame on MTV, with its endless spins and forced visual contexts, but that's not the whole story. Back in the late nineties, I must have had a different ideal, a different dream of what pop music should offer and represent.

A quirk of mine is that I detach from the mindset of previous years to the point where I hate to recount tales from the past - my internal logic is usually so different that I hate to associate those actions with the self relaying them. I wouldn't want to do it all over again, but I would have done it all differently. I know that the macho bark and brutality of DMX's "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" video seemed the next step in artless harsh at the time, to the point that when I heard "Party Up (Up In Here)" in late '03 I assumed it was a new crunk joint from Bonecrusher or someone. Couldn't fathom that DMX could have so much charm and humanity. Now I have to go back and find out if he changed or if it was just me. Glad Launch lets me minimize the window.

4. Kelly found those missing glasses within fifteen seconds of entering my apartment. Either she's smart like that or I'm stupid like that.

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