Monday, April 18, 2005

Radio show playlist:

New Wet Kojak - Do Things
Keren Ann - One Day Without
Audible - From The Third Floor
Bloc Party - This Modern Love
The Elected - Waves
Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes
Spoon - Sister Jack
Sparklehorse - Someday I Will Treat You Good
Sloan - The Other Man
NOFX - The Idiots Are Taking Over
Fischerspooner - Wednesday
Unwound - Demons Sing Love Songs
Ida - Late Blues
Queens Of The Stone Age - I Never Came
Sleater-Kinney - Oh
Rapture - The Coming Of Spring
Silkworm - Penalty Box
Nick Cave - There She Goes, My Beautiful World
Scrawl - Rot
Petra Haden - Our Love Was
Meat Puppets - Split Myself In Two
Black Francis - Ed Is Dead
The Information - Getting Even
Elastica - Generator
Elastica - Nothing Stays The Same
Yo La Tengo - Blue Line Swinger

I am now officially a "1 Thing" hater, so you know. Play The Soft Bulletin at 45 rpm if you want yelping over boombash. It's like you guys realized that The Sound Of J. Lo wasn't going anywhere (four albums in! wtf! listen to the money talk!) and decided in the destructive element immerse. Maybe it's used in a sentimental scene in Hitch and everybody's all "New Slang" about it. Jess says he likes it cuz its like drum'n'bass (never hungered for extra chihuahua on my Squarepusher, personally) and John Tofu is glad Amerie realizes the song is about hook not her, unlike Usher and J. Lo, but I'm way too ego-oriented in my pop tastes to be glad the singer is part of the obnoxious wallpaper.


I prefer to listen to "Lonely," where Akon and The Chipmunk sing some classic pop-soul. You can have your poodle-running-through-pots-and-pans future.

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