Friday, April 29, 2005

Bon Scott 4 Life and all, but its not that Brian Johnston is devoid of interest. Been listening to "Money Talks" on repeat a lot these days. Can't parse all the lyrics he's squeezing out his sonic sphincter (one reason Bon's the Juan), but what I'm grabbing paints a pretty pathetic picture. "C'mon, c'mon, love me for the money"?? Dude may be mocking and misogynist but he's desperate, begging - the little girl steals from us all (uh huh) and god, if he can just get some sex out of it maybe he'll maintain some small shred of dignity. It's a naked retread of "Shook Me" musically but the total flipside lyrically. The Best AC/DC Song Ever Despite Not Having Bon Therefore Proving That Anything Is Possible is pure gratitude and bewilderment in response to a mindblowing sexual encounter. "Money Talks" is a gripe about how nobody just loves the old coot anymore. The Young brothers' rock happily both times round cuz, well, both situations are pretty funny. Blame my liberal upbringing but there's something quaint about hearing a guy cry out for a french maid. Two songs later on The Razor's Edge, which I just got from the LIBRARY, is "Mistress For Christmas." I'll let you know if the entire album is Brian masturbating through the tears.

It should be noted that Brian has to say that "b.s. walks" while Bon called out "all the SHIT they teach to kids in school" way back in '76. People who call themselves AC/DC fans but haven't checked out the old-school efforts are really doing themselves a disservice.

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