Thursday, May 06, 2004

There's a BBC documentary on the new Pixies DVD, and it's fascinating to hear what all these Brit-rock fuddyduddies think about the band (the ONLY Americans were Kristin Hersh, who got about two seconds of air time, and Steve Albini). "Fooking amazin' bahnd" many of them talked about the intensity and violence of the music while only BONO (jesus wtf hell goddamn) acknowledged the humor behind it all. Nobody seemed to want to acknowledge the bubblegum side of the Pixies, only the pigfuck aspects. Oh wait, Gavin Rossdale talked about how the "Uriah hit the crapper" line made him crack up. His hair kept me from appreciating that. I'm giggling more than anything when I hear the Pixies. "he bought me a soda and tried molest me in the parking lot HEP HEP HEP!" Ol' Chucky Thompson was trying to keep himself amused.

I mean Bono claimed that the whole quiet verse - loud chorus thing starts with the Pixies. Dork, pop music been doing that since forever! Hell, Bread did it on "Everything I Own," Bob Dylan did it on "Like A Rolling Stone," even! Maybe the Pixies did more dramatically and frequently (it almost sounds LESS impressive when you realize how often they utilized it), but it wasn't a new concept.

Kim Deal is one of the sexiest people on the planet. If I ever bloat up I'm going to have Black Francis pics all over my apartment (just like George Costanza and his Dennis Franz poster).

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