Saturday, May 01, 2004

A great way to create potential shopping lists is to use Robert Christgau's random A-list creator. Every time you refresh the page you get ten different A- or greater Consumer Guide reviews. Here's ten albums I'd likely buy (if I found cheap copies) from ten different A-lists:

First: Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope

Second: this list is disqualified since I already own four of the albums (in order of favorites: On The Beach, Spend The Night, Another Green World, Lodger - which I actually just sold back)

Third: EPMD, Strictly Business

Fourth: Jonathan Richman, Jonathan Sings!

Fifth: Eminem, Fucking Yzarc (like I'm going to find Eminem bootlegs anywhere)

Sixth: Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (I've been listening to my sister's copy of
this a lot. Great rarities, and I'd rather hear their mediocre funk jams in this context than on the full-lengths. Have I mentioned how excited I am to hear the new single?)

Seventh: Latin Playboys, Latin Playboys (what I've heard of this Los Lobos side-project I like a hell of a lot more than Los Lobos)

Eighth: Pretenders, Learning To Crawl (though I've ignored this album enough times in used vinyl racks that I probably should give Kimya Dawson's My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess a shout-out as well)

Ninth: X, More Fun In The New World (since I enjoy Under The Big Black Sun just as much as its more hailed predecessors - which is a bit but not a lot, I really should have the follow-up as well)

Tenth: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Collector's Item (that Mario Winans song is making me hungry for some strong-voiced R&B)

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