Thursday, May 27, 2004

Songs I cannot do without from albums I can do without (note: I taped other songs from these albums before tossing them in my "sell back" pile, these are simply the crucial numbers):

"Cat Scratch Fever" & "Wango Tango" from Ted Nugent's Greatest Gonzos!

"The Kid Is Hot Tonite" & "Turn Me Loose" from Loverboy's Loverboy (I almost want to include "It Don't Matter" for its hysterical Police parody coda, but it's nowhere as important as the lyrics to "The Kid" or Mike Reno's desire to spread his wings and FLYYYYYYYY. Chuck Eddy called this album the 10th best "alternative" album of all time in 1995, which means he seriously underrated Get Lucky, the band's true keeper)

"Wop A Din-Din" from Red House Painters' Old Ramon (best not-metaphorical-though-possibly-symbolic song about a cat ever)

"Travel By Telephone" & "High Acetate" from Rival Schools' United By Fate (all the joy of Bush with none of the Gaviny aftertaste!)

"Another One Bites The Dust" & "Don't Try Suicide" from Queen's The Game (the latter is to suicide what "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" is to drug abuse - startlingly playful and incoherent. It turns out Freddie Mercury has tits and those who threaten to kill themselves are prick teases. Blow your brains out! DON'T!)

"Valleri" from Quarterflash's Quarterflash (Chuck Eddy once wrote a big long post on ILX about how this tale of sapphic confusion in an art school must have freaked out the guys in the band. Turns out Marv Ross wrote it, not Rindy. How about that.)

"Champagne Jam" & "Invisible Lover" from Atlanta Rhythm Section's Champagne Jam (my old radio show was called Fat Tony's Working For The Weekend Champagne Jam and passionate songs about masturbation crack me up)

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