Thursday, April 29, 2004

While there won't be any extended projects here until at least September (I've got some ideas but it's going to require having cable internet at home, which I won't have until I move to my new apt. in August), I'm probably going to be posting lots of random bullshit. Enjoy.

Both Yellowcard and Hoobastank have made videos for their earnest, nasal songs about regret ("I'm sorry that I herrrt yewwwwww" kills me every time) that imply that the bands are actually criminals (Hooba fakes a car accident so that they can steal an older man's ruby, Yellowcard's lead singer stole a briefcase with a bunny insignia that two pimps and his leather-clad love interest really want bad). Both songs are significantly less endearing when the guys hide their emoting behind post-Tarantino hijinks. This wasn't even the most absurd example of defensive posturing I saw on MTV today while doing laundry. That would have to be the ads for men's moisturizers.

I also saw the video for "All Falls Down." While the music, lyrics and "concept" (I thought all concepts were by WARRANT) are of the highest quality, Kanye West is an extremely mediocre rapper [sentiment edited out of respect to my friend Travis and also because "All Falls Down" sounded even better the second time]. Seriously, MA$E would have asked to do a second take if he delivered a "c'mon, c'mon" that weakly. I can see why critics have so much enthusiasm for him, and I'm impressed that he's been able to get the mainstream to root for him as well, but GODDAMN does he need to get a voice coach. I know he can afford one.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Here they are, my 100 favorite albums of all time (Starting with #100 and working down, left to right). Click on an album cover and get the review. Thanks for reading.