Monday, August 04, 2008

I signed my name on your left boob. Now go get that tattooed, I'll be back soon.

Songs new to the Billboard Top 50 Singles Chart over the last two weeks, if they didn't fall off after the first (sorry, Jonas Brothers).

#26 (debut): Shwayze feat. Cisco Adler, "Corona And Lime"
Cisco Adler compares a lucky lady to booze while Shwayze lists regional female stereotypes and announces his sexual availability. They tour frequently, you see.

#34 (from #39): Jordin Sparks, "One Step At A Time"
Empowerment theme from Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2.

#36 (from #55): MIA, "Paper Planes"
MIA isn't merely a Global Gangsta exhibit at the Tate Modern: her music is now being used as catchy hip-hop violence in a popular action comedy trailer. So the question is whether she can make her exceptionally catchy art piece cross over outside of an action comedy trailer.

#38 (from #52): Kid Rock, "All Summer Long"
Lyrically he's a bore ("we were trying different things/ and we were smoking funny things"), but his best track in years updates the Licensed To Ill aesthetic by stealing chestnuts to recall - rather than embody - the glory of youth. Sadly, his memories of 1989 fail to include his high-top fade.

#46 (from #93): Shwayze feat. Cisco Adler, "Buzzin'"
Shwayze describes the mix of love and resentment he feels for a groupie trying to "cage him in" while Cisco Adler nods and strums sympathetically. They tour frequently, you see.

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