Tuesday, August 26, 2008

But you've lost your way, you've been lead astray. Are there better days for my fallen dreamer?

New songs on the Billboard Top 50 Singles Chart.

#2 (new): David Archuleta, "Crush"
Good job, handlers! Nick Lachey would have killed for this song. Jon Secada too.

#10 (new): Taylor Swift, "Change"
Uh oh. Overblown platitudes after a refreshingly literal debut. Not a good sign. Hope it's more indicative of the AT&T TEAM USA soundtrack than her new album.

#16 (new): Chris Brown, "Dreamer"
Uh oh. Incoherent bullshit after a steady stream of incoherent bullshit. I bet in six weeks we'll find out he recorded it for Finish Line.

#41 (new): Kenny Chesney, "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven"
A light reggae track about how the church should grant Kenny indulgences due to his massive wealth.

#43 (debut): Demi Lovato, "Get Back"
Because the kids need their own Morningwood.

#50 (from #48, missed it last week): Keith Anderson, "I Still Miss You"
From Wikipedia: According to Anderson, the song is intentionally open-ended in regards to whom the narrator is missing: "Some people have attached their own meaning to it by other losses in their lives—losing a loved one, families being split up." Anderson also co-wrote "Lost In This Moment" with Big & Rich, which I would have sworn they did with Dianne Warren.

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