Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We don't have net in the new pad yet, so I won't be updating the blog much until that's taken care of. However, I made a crapload of Garfield strips with the Random Garfield Generator last month, and have decided to put them up on another site. I realize what a spent nethumor subject Garfield is, but they're fun to make.

Knock on wood, Oh, Garfield will be updated every weekday. Do not read if you're tired of jokes about a dateless lunatic living with a sleepy cat. Or if you can't willingly suspend disbelief re: Jon's amazing technicolor shirt.


Jim Feeney said...

oh, sure. just when i post a series of my OWN garfield strips on my myspace page. curse you, miccio!

The Manthony said...

oh we're both behind the curve.

jim feeney said...

you're right. thankfully, though, jim davis has provided enough source material for us all.