Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fred Durst needs to start directing videos again.

Just cuz you didn't know Puddle Of Mudd had several rock #1s doesn't make them anonymous, Al. Their sound is shrill Nirvana/Local H rather than groany Pearl Jam/Creed, and, Vines aside, that's been an anomaly in rawk since the days of Durst. Thanks in part to that Kurt-like wail, their romantic paranoia has slightly less of a cock-rock undertow than most of their peers. Still, the hits on Come Clean were early examples of the misognyist psychosis that is "active rock," with "Blurry" more disturbingly vulnerable and "She Hates Me" more disturbingly giddy than most of the truly anonymous bile that's followed. Wes Scantlin was (is?) freqently seen in photos and videos wearing a black cap over his blond mane, and for that alone they were more identifiable than Fuel then or Three Days Grace now. Those videos were pretty damn memorable, too (respect the Durst).

Recent singles have been merely more of the same, but the success of "Psycho" and "Famous" imply that Scantlin may be a radio lifer, an emotionally unstable Tom Petty, rather than the eventual prison lifer he comes off as. I'm not saying everyone should like them, but they wouldn't be as "repulsive" as Al finds them if they were as "anonymous" as he claims.

I believe this is the first rebuttal to a negative Puddle Of Mudd review that wasn't at least 50% profanity.


Al said...

You didn't have to hold back on the profanity, dog. Really I almost made Three Days Grace the subject of the "most anonymous sure thing" rant at one point (4 mainstream #1s out of only 7 major label singles! jesus!), but Puddle genuinely surprised me with the comeback from a pretty massive sophomore slump.

Al said...

Also the only thing I consistently remember about the "Control" video is that the drummer drops a stick onscreen, which I can't tell if that's sloppy editing on Durst's part or they just couldn't get a full take of him not fucking up.

Anthony said...

Haha, it took no effort to hold back the profanity, I'm just assuming few Puddle Of Mudd fans would even consider it.

The girl shrieking "WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?" over a screen reading "Flawless Entertainment Presents" defines rawk on MTV circa 2000 pretty well, but my favorite is probably the "Blurry" video, though. Portraying Scantlin as a sensitive weekend dad rather than as a drunk guy punching the pavement of his ex's driveway was GENIUS. Respect the Durst!