Monday, March 17, 2008

Movies watched over the last week or so, from favorite to least.

If the songs were more than earnest competence, the film wouldn't be an effective valentine to the value of music as an emotional outlet for those who play it, just great music. If the songs were less than earnest competence, the film, however sweet and modest, would be excruciating. But it's not.

It's unfair to suggest a film based on a classic novel has any responsibility to be faithful to an earlier cinematic adapation, but the second half really would have benefited from some hippie vampires.

Danny Huston (resembling a bloodthirsty Neil Tennant) and some visual effects almost as unnerving as Ben Foster's accent make it possible to get through the nonsensical plot, if not scene after scene of Josh Hartnett thinking. This test-tube Treat Williams actually played Iago?

Jean Seberg and Peter Fonda's unnerving asylum patients make it almost possible to get through the nonsensical plot, if not scene after scene of Warren Beatty thinking.

The second best musical released in 2007 to star Timothy Spall as a repulsive henchman. The audience for this one-dimensional chore must be people who admire (or - somehow - enjoy) Stephen Sondheim's wandering, interminable music but don't mind it being sung by unaccomplished voices in a less operatic context. I'm not surprised this crowd includes Golden Globe voters, but it's sad to realize Tim Burton also qualifies.


Al said...

I love how the Once and I Am Legend covers almost mirror each other.

Anthony said...

I didn't even notice that! Awesome.