Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shaun Brady's Transformers review for the Philadelphia City Paper noted "if you had 'just under six years' in the office pool regarding when an airplane slamming into the side of a heavily populated high-rise office building would go from chilling reminder to nifty action scene, collect your winnings." You can also cash in if you gave the same answer for when a poster featuring a destroyed NYC monument, burning skyscrapers and a date would go from disturbing memorial to appetite-whetting teaser for an eagerly anticipated future blockbuster.

Seriously, what the fuck? Was the problem with War Of The Worlds that Spielberg didn't incorporate the horrors of 9/11 into a monster movie effectively enough? Now we have to make a Godzilla movie with POV digicams, so we can really capture what it's like to watch large groups of people run from unthinkable destruction? How is this less tacky and disgusting than if they just used terrorists? If you're going for real-life chaos and agony, use a real-life threat! It's really hard to make Uwe Boll look mature, but at least the manic nihilism promised by the trailers for Postal is an adolescent response to the tragedies of the last decade. I guess I just prefer my exploitive trash honest.

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