Thursday, July 12, 2007

I went on vacation recently, and came back to find myself without internet again. It should all be better now, though, and this blog is going to kick back into gear. I haven't been watching much in the way of movies, but here are the few I've seen since I last posted one of these things, from favorite to least.

Not quite as fascinating as Crispin Glover's video for "Ben," but close enough. Plus, the DVD features a commentary track for said video. More words-per-minute than any other in history, I'd reckon.

A '70s heist flick highlighted by Christopher Walken's massive blond mane and Martin Balsam's mincing queen*. Sidney Lumet at his crudest.

Richard Widmark can do sweaty and desperate without becoming Klaus Kinski, and Jules Dassin's noirs may be the most beautiful in film history, but this script was cheesy.

Burt Lancaster's stodgy professor is equally annoyed and enlivened by bisexual firebrand Helmut Berger and the family of rich assholes that support him. But the charm is almost destroyed when Lancaster and the jerkoffs sit around, openly discussing how the professor was equally annoyed and enlivened by their presence in his life. Once you've shown, PLEASE do not tell!

A crazed loner with maternal abandonment issues kills and scalps a variety of women. Rare exceptions to the monotony: the loner shoots Tom Savini's head clean off and dons his finest polyester to discuss photography with Caroline Munro.


*You may remember Martin Balsam as the P.I. Norman stabs in the face in Psycho, Shelley Winters' suffering husband in The Delta Force, Joe Don Baker's suffering stakeout recipient in Mitchell, juror #1 in 12 Angry Men, Mr. Green in The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three or from one of his countless other character roles. Watching him play a "fruit" will blow your tiny little mind.

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