Friday, June 16, 2006

The Last.Fm "Last Week" Top Ten Round-Up

1. Ghostface
If my enthusiasm for Fishscale is rather muted, it's because I finally checked out Ironman and Supreme Clientele, making Fishscale my fourth favorite Ghostface album. And who knows, maybe Bulletproof Wallets is better too. I can't join the Tony Starks cult, in part because his hooks tend to reach me before he does, but they reach me pretty quickly.

2. Bowling For Soup
Are Good Charlotte still my favorite pop-punk band of the decade, or have BFS taken the crown? Their next releases will decide for sure. The drama...

3. Jay-Z
I'm all about '90s NYC debut rap albums right now. Illmatic, Ironman, Reasonable Doubt, It's Dark And Hell Is Hot...missed them at the time - none released on Matador.

4. Tarkio
My tags say Tariko, but accoring to google they're called Tarkio! The system is flawed.

5. Madonna
She has enough great songs to make a decent box set, but the only full-length I truly enjoy is You Can Dance! Most album filler is intolerable and the hits comps are flawed. I'm making a 2CD-R comp for my own pleasure soon, feel free to recommend some album tracks that deserve attention.

6. The Go-Betweens
I didn't actually check out Oceans Apart until a month or two before McLennan's death. The only band I can think of who were actually better when they re-united than beforehand.

7. Amadou & Mariam

Some awful, ignorant articles about this duo came out recently, and I don't feel like throwing more bwana asshattery out there (the words "Manu" and "Chao" appear on all the "world music" I own). Hear Dimanche A Bamako, though.

8. Mogwai
It's been a good year for indie bands I never gave a shit about before. Debating revisiting Young Team, but nothing on the albums that followed led me to believe I'd enjoy Mr. Beast as much as I do. I wonder if they were in danger of having to lower their gaurantee or something.

9. Phoenix
I can't believe I'm actually enjoying a continental European rock band!

10. Sia
I'd say more, but I'm late for an Ikea run...


Alfred said...

Re Madonna album tracks:

1. "Gambler" - aggro-disco buried on the Vision Quest soundtrack. If you don't have it, I'll be happy to send it.

2. "Words" (Erotica) - deep-house shuffle on what's my favorite Madonna full-length, SPIN Guide and Rob Sheffield be damned.

3. "Swim" (Ray of Light) - Sanctimonious fame-sucks screed with some tuff-gnarl guitar.

4. "Jump" (...Dance Floor) -in which Maddie buys drinks for Donna Summer and the Pet Shop Boys.

5. "Keep it Together" (Like a Prayer) - The best song she wrote about family members who aren't Lourdes.

Ian said...

Don't bother revisiting Young Team, unless you mean this version (which I'd happily YSI to you, etc, etc). I'm also surprised by how much I now like Mr. Beast, although I love two of the three albums that came out between the two.

Anthony Miccio said...

I saw the video for "Gambler" on VH1 Classic once! I believe she rhymes it with "rambler."

bryan said...

i think oceans apart, though not a career defining record, frames mclennan's passing rather nicely. i've always conflated the mclennan/forster sonwriting team into a single voice. but so much of the record--whoever the song-by-song author, has that sunset feeling. 'born to a family' in such aching earnest, and 'darlinghurst nights' just begs to look back.

i'm a dick for saying so but grant's death was a genius stroke of post-production. died with his boots on...