Friday, June 02, 2006

"Last Week" Last.Fm Round-Up

1. The Clean
Judging by the success of Clap Your Hands and Tapes'n'Tapes, VU-style pop-drone is coming back in favor. I approve in a "better than emo" sense, even if I have a hard time remembering indiviudal songs.

2. Sia
Oh, Sia, my Dido.

3. The Mountain Goats
Am I the only person who thinks Tallahassee stands out as a sub-par release? I love what I've heard before and since, but that one (the first I ever heard), still only grabs me for about five tracks. I don't even like "No Children" or "Small Arms Traffic Blues!" Baffling...

4. Tariko
I've always liked Colin Meloy's voice, and my fondness for this midwest-alt juvenalia tells me I really need to revisit the Decemberists. Or maybe I just prefer him in this generic context?

5. Stereolab
Are there really people who would notice if they put a track from five years ago on a new album with a different name? Bob Pollard would have an easier job getting away with it, but I think these folks could pull it off.

6. 2pac's technology is obviously lax, because I played more than 6 tagged 2Pac tracks this week. Recently made a CD-R based on Ethan's recommendations on an ILX thread and some singles. If you have any favorites not in this tracklisting, send me an e-mail so I can hunt them down.

  1. So Many Tears
  2. Against All Odds
  3. California Love
  4. I Wonder If Heaven’s Got A Ghetto
  5. Dear Mama
  6. Temptations
  7. Brenda’s Got A Baby
  8. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug
  9. Only God Can Judge Me
  10. God Bless The Dead
  11. How Do You Want It?
  12. I Get Around
  13. Hail Mary
  14. If My Homie Calls
  15. Ambitionz Az A Ridah
  16. When We Ride On Our Enemies
  17. Keep Your Head Up
I never cared too much about him back in the MTV heyday, but these tracks do a good job of showing him in a lively, thoughtful context. I once wrote him off as too apollonian to identify with, but at his best, the details and spirit keep the "earnest thug" archetype from ossifying. His tendency to repeat his overriding themes in the last verse or two of a song reminds me of a politican.

7. Broken Social Scene
Recently pulled the self-titled album out, and I think I'm becoming more sympathetic to the faceless bandwing camp side of indie. The whole gang getting together to make an inclusive kaboom. Bet I'd revere this stuff if I was in high school.

8. Eef Barzelay
Ignored Clem Snide after the staid Your Favorite Music, but the songs on Barzelay's solo disc are strong and witty enough to make me want to find out how they come off with a full band. Not as kind as John Prine, but almost as smart.

9. The M's
Avant-glam act on Polyvinyl with a harsh, unique sound, not so sure if they have the songs yet.

10. Sonic Youth
The tracks off Rather Ripped I've heard don't stray far from the groovy template of the last two albums. Might be their biggest album yet.

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