Friday, June 09, 2006

"Last Week" Round-up

1. The Clean
Why the hell did they put such awful rarities at the end of Disc 2 of Anthology? Totally fucks up the listenability. Completists bite hard.

2. Band Of Horses
A Flaming Lips I can respect! More later.

3. Bowling For Soup
Not just Fountains Of Wayne Meets Blink-182, but the Sell-Out NOFX as well.

4. Eric B. & Rakim
I love the hits, but I'm never totally sure why he's "the best rapper ever," aside from "purity" (do these people hate pizza toppings?).

5. Big Daddy Kane

He looks like he's freezing!

6. Tariko
Still haven't listened to the Decemberists yet. I'm lazy.

7. Jon Auer
The ex-Posie's In The Year Of Our Demise is chock full of overwraught and lyrically ridiculous yet melodically outstanding romantic alternapop. In the days of virginal Greg Dulli worship, it would be my favorite album of the year. Five stars! WHAT WOULD BE ON THE RADIO IF PEOPLE HAD A CLUE!

8. The M's
I still haven't thought of anything more than the phrase "avant-glam" in regards to these chaps. Maybe I need to read a press bio.

9. Death From Above 1979
The lyrics are still lame, but that remix album eliminates the monochromatic quality of the original release - ironically more listenable despite the multiple appearances of the same original track. Some of these technified versions sound like an enjoyable "future of rock" - if they didn't espouse such boring dickery, they'd be right up there with Linkin Park in my esteem.

10. DMX
Turns out Fred Durst circa Chocolate Starfish was totally jacking his flow!


mairead said...

dude -- please give me a reason to give the m's a try #2. they've their share of the hype-machine, but i listen and feel nothing. i see them live, and nothing. even they look bored onstage.

Anthony Miccio said...

I have no clue about the hype machine, don't know anything about them aside from that my housemate got the promo and they're on polyvinyl (which doesn't always bode well, imo). I could see them sucking live but the album's got some mixture of novel sound and decent hook that keeps me listening, even if my take still pretty vague despite multiple spins. I definitely can't tell anyone whose already heard them that there's something they're missing yet.

Al Shipley said...

Yeah, the Jon Auer album is not without flaws and a pervading blandness, but it's still pretty nice to listen to.

Anthony Miccio said...

you're the one person I knew would have heard it! I've never actually heard a Posies album (aside from an acoustic live thing - not a good intro - and Jon Auer's covers EP) and may buy one if I ever notice it for super-cheap at Princeton Record Exchange.

Al Shipley said...

yeah, definitely check one or two out. I could defend them all, but Frosting On The Beater is the canonical best, and Amazing Disgrace is my personal favorite.

mairead said...

i think i would listen to anything, even the m's, it it was called "frosting on the beater."