Monday, January 09, 2006

Hidden within the ouvre of Gavin Rossdale are the song titles from the new Strokes album. Can you find them all?

"Alien," "Altered States," "Ambulances," "Ask Me Anything," "Body," "Bomb," "Bonedriven," "Boom Box," "Bud," "Bullet Proof Skin," "Chemicals Between Us," "Cold Contagious," "Come On Over," "Comedown," "Communicator," "Dead Meat," "Disease Of The Dancing Cats," "Distant Voices," "Electricityscape," "English Fire," "Evening Sun," "Everything Zen," "Fear Of Sleep," "15 Minutes," "Float," "40 Miles From The Sun," "Fugitive," "Glycerine," "Greedy Fly," "Headful Of Ghosts," "Heart In A Cage," "Heat Of Your Love," "History," "Hurricane," "Inflatable," "Information Age," "Insect Kin," "Ize Of The World," "Jesus Online," "Juicebox," "Killing Lies," "Land Of The Living," "Letting The Cables Sleep," "Little Things," "Machinehead," "Mindcharger," "Monkey," "Mountains," "Mouth," "My Engine Is With You," "On The Other Side," "Out Of This World," "People That We Love," "Personal Holloway," "Prizefighter," "Razorblade," "Reasons," "Red Light," "Save The Robots," "Secrets And Lies," "Seventh Wave," "Solutions," "Spacetravel," "Straight No Chaser," "Superman," "Swallowed," "Swim," "Synapse," "Tendency To Start Fires," "Testosterone," "Vision Of Division," "Warm Machine," "Wasteland," "When Animals Attack," "X-Girlfriend," "You Only Live Once."

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