Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hefty Fine for Baltimore.

Sometimes I miss my old radio show, but then I remember how many songs I like have swearing in them.

I've been on a downloading spree these days, and that post I made about the Strokes inspired me to revisit the singles of Bush. Turns out "Comedown" was awesome! Play it right before the Hold Steady's "Killing Parties." They had some great guitar parts on other songs too - I guess I was just a hater back in the day. Even Candlebox's "Far Behind" sounded good when I caught it on VH1 Classic, and I hated that when it came out. I guess now that I like fakey pop-metal, fakey-grunge has gained some esteem. I'd also blame media saturation, but no one was forcing me to watch TV all the time.

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