Saturday, January 21, 2006

From an e-mail from my sister (who I think is a better writer than me, even if I'm more Right): Your blog posts are smaller and more infrequent so are you doing some bigger stuff on your own?

I've been doing more freelance work and such'n'such recently, but the main reason for my relatively infrequent blogging is that after the Best Of 2005 onslaught I've been on "consume" mode, getting older albums from Limewire and friends (Jefferson, you are a GOD. When your server is down - like right now - I want to cry. Hook me up with that FTP shizz so I can return the favor!). But one of the things I've been doing is starting up manthony twenty. You may have noticed me referencing my OCD ideal of only owning twenty albums from a year in their entirety. This site will share what those twenty albums are. There may eventually be lists of other songs from each year that I adore, and maybe some descriptions, but for now you can see what albums I think are the most terrif.

This will obviously be a malleable list - a constant work in progress - changing whenever the mood strikes. I've included a comments box, as a sop to those who've asked for its return here (no chance in hell, my site my rules and MY INANITY ONLY. Plus I find e-mail correspondence way more enjoyable). Feel free to publicly announce "wtf?" at my inclusions and bring up albums that deserve acknowledgement.

If you haven't gotten down with yet, START NOW. Again, "consume" mode is on.

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