Wednesday, October 26, 2005

from Electric Six's site:

We fly to New Zealand and Australia now, fueled by the memories of Canada and Florida and everything in between. Presumably when we get back, we will start to record another record. The cosmic ballet.....continues.....

Another album already? If I had no shame there would be a smiley emoticon here.

My provisional top 20 of 2005 currently has albums by Armand Van Helden and Moby on it. I'm really enjoying Death In Vegas' Satan's Circus from 2004 as well. It would be facetious to ask what is wrong with me (see blog title), but I am curious to know why the hell I'm digging these guys now, while unmoved by most big name electronic artists of today (I'm finally going to listen to Isolee in a bit). Then again, everybody's crazy for the new Robyn album, including myself, so maybe that 90s comeback isn't just radio-rock-related.

Slightly related, "Only" is my favorite Nine Inch Nails song since "Closer." More sighing than screaming, great nu-wave groove, and a verse about scab picking. I approve! The dude should make an entire album of swear-happy INXS tracks one of these days.

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