Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Amy Grant once choked a man to death with her thighs.

For an entire concert in 1996, Alan Jackson's mustache seemed an unusual shade of brown. He later swore it was chocolate milk.

Glen Campbell wanted to record a track called "Gallstone Cowboy" about his 1989 ailment but his label would not release it.

Cletus T. Judd has been employed as a song doctor for Robert "Mutt' Lange since 1998.

Trace Adkins once fucked a mother-daughter team in front of his road crew.

Clint Black said he would shoot Bill Clinton if he knew he wouldn't go to jail.

If John Michael Montgomery could have one superpower, it would be flight.

2/5ths of the original line-up of Alabama has questioned their sexual preference at least once in their life.

Hank Williams Jr. does not actually like any songs by Kid Rock.

Randy Travis is a Nazi.

Garth Brooks will not admit to having successfully finished the 72 oz. Steak Dinner at The One And Only Big Texan Steak Ranch, but he did.

After several failed attempts at e-mail correspondence with Christina Aguilera, LeAnn Rimes had a dream about kissing her at the American Music Awards and stabbing her in the face.

Shirley Hallman of Nashville, TN owns the only topless photo of Jon Brennan from MTV Real World Los Angeles. If Jon knew, he would have her killed.

Shania Twain doesn't understand why Ann Coulter is considered controversial.

Kris Kristofferson told Willie Nelson that "being snowballed" meant receiving oral sex from someone with ice in their mouth. Nelson's lack of awareness led to a confusing & traumatic experience with a groupie, who consequently spent the night in the local emergency room. Nelson broke up the Highwaymen, refusing to speak to Kristofferson again. Johnny Cash never quite understood what happened, and really didn't want to.

Woody Guthrie would have really liked "Wango Tango" had he been alive to hear it.

Uncle Tupelo actually disbanded because they sucked.

Tim McGraw has only had anal sex with Faith Hill once. It was his birthday.

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