Sunday, September 25, 2005

If anybody out there thinks "My Humps" is a damn fine song, please let me know. I'm feeling very, very lonely in my fanship right now. I know the word choice is bafflingly dorky. I know that people who watch too much TV associate the Black Eyed Peas with obnoxious ads for Best Buy, Target and who knows what else, but if this was a Fannypack track, some of you would be going gaga. BEP denies you that ironic detachment, shoving your face in that ol' fashioned American Top 10 straight-up ridonkadonkulous. 13 year olds across the country are grinding their hips to this:

I mix your milk wit' my cocoa puff
Milky, milky cocoa
Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky milky riiiiiiight

What's not to love? Plus you get to think about Taboo. When another member is singing or rapping, I guarantee he's thrusting his shoulders, spinning on his head, walking like an egyptian, breakin' you some electric boogaloo.

"We know a lot of people think that's all the Black Eyed Peas do - jump around onstage - but we're now taking audiences through different moods. We bring a lot of energy to our shows, but we like to swing through various moods and interpretations of our material to give audiences a little bit of spice in the mix" (Time Off)

It's fun to think about Taboo. Try it some time - you won't be disappointed.


Crystal Reynolds said...

Taboo, u need 2 shave that beard

Anonymous said...

Taboo, imma snype ur wife whoever she is :) <3