Monday, September 05, 2005

e-mail from my good buddy TJ:

"I just wanted to direct your attention, in case you were unawares, to the video for The Bloodhound Gang's 'Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo' on Launch and AOL. Musically, the verse is Strokes by way of Since U Been Gone, and the singer is appropriately unrecognizable in the jet setting hipster garb he sports, and the song builds to a bashed Weezer chorus. But lyrically it's a lot more interesting. The Jimmy Pop dude is still doing the sex rap metaphor schtick a la 'The Bad Touch' but with such a high degree of Pavement-ed abstraction that the song is somewhat jarring to encounter in any radio or video play list.

I saw this on MTV2 and, not recognizing the band sonically or visually, was asking myself 'Is this singer just confidently spouting gibberish over streamlined pop?' On slightly closer inspection the entire conceptual novelty of the track seems apparent as an exercise in how far the guy can actually go in obtuse metaphors for his sexual suggestiveness - an admirable high wire act of sense and no sense Mr. Pop has achieved, IMO."

Damn straight. A lot of indie/nu-wave is devoted to suggestively cryptic wordplay (Stephen Malkmus is a cigar stand, you know) and it's time that some jerk mercilessly taints the trope. Even better that it signals the return of the auteur behind "The Bad Touch," one of finest singles of the 90s.

The video also stars Bam.

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