Monday, March 22, 2004

Jess Harvell (who, as a rule, never agrees with me) makes some interesting points about crunk in his blog, Technicolor. I'm not sure I agree with him that crunk is restrictive while grime is expansive, though I think if that's the case its because crunk, as far as I can tell, is product-oriented - if it doesn't deliver then it isn't crunk, it's just a mess. Crunk is a compliment, an achievement. Grime, from what I can gather, is no harder to be than "indie." However, I've been ignoring or recontextualizing the lyrical content of what I've heard for long enough that I appreciate him tackling it head on. I reserve the right to be offended by specific lyrics, but most of the objectification I've heard doesn't bother me because I'd be perfectly fine with women speaking the same way about men. Salt'n'Pepa screaming at Chippendales or Alison Wolfe demanding you suck her clit if you're gonna lie and say dumb shit doesn't bother me at all. I tend to be more annoyed by women (or men, see Sleater-Kinney's self-titled debut) being portrayed as an inherently evil force moreso than when either is portrayed as a sex object. I realize that this is a very superficial reading that ignores subtext, cultural influence, etc. etc. But I'm not saying whether this stuff should be played for five year old boys, I'm saying whether or not I enjoy listening to it.

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