Saturday, March 20, 2004

#38) Weezer - Weezer (released in 1994, me and my sister got to co-own a CD of this courtesy of my mom's CD club when it came out. When Claire graduated from high school I said she could keep the CDs we co-owned - Elastica, Eurythmics' Greatest Hits, Breeders' Last Splash and this one. She left them all in town since she's out of the country for a year, and I'm probably going to buy the new 2CD 10th anniversary version before she gets back)

Since I've got a headache and I'm guessing your take on this album is pretty much set in stone, I'm just going to note that the swells of feedback, the solos that DEMAND you mime along, the goofball background giddiness (we miss you, Matt Sharp) and Rivers's emotive voice (after all those 2001-2002 demos online I feel I can honestly say I've listened to him sing from the phone book...and LIKED it!) all add up to one thing for me: HIGH SCHOOL. Except for "Buddy Holly," of course, which was enjoyed on a strictly musical level until I learned how to talk to girls (which didn't happen till college).

If you need more to read, check out this thread I started on ILX...So what did you think of Weezer in 1994. It probably won't pick up until Sunday, but I'm going to do my best to make as many regular posters as possible contribute to it. Post there yourself! Weezer is for the children!

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